We proudly present you… GFoundry!


GFoundry offers the best gamification multiplatform software to engage and motivate your most important audiences: employees, customers and partners.

GFoundry´s solution motivates people to take action every day using simple, fun technology. Companies can: define a goal that matters, recognition among peers and share best practices with meaningful rewards.

GFoundry combines: – The fun of gamificationThe influence of socialThe availability of mobileAnd the insights of analytics


To be the most relevant, complete, fun and consistent gamification platform for companies.


We aim to help companies to communicate in the best and most innovative way with their teams, clients and partners, using new mobility, gamification and social tools. We intend to change “have to do” behaviors into “want to do” behaviors, improving service performance in a meaningful –and measureable –way, creating engagement.

Please visit: http://gfoundry.com !